The Haven - Music, Dancing, RP

The Haven is an inclusive, friendly night club, with dancing, RP, and more.

FC house is open to visitors,
club hours are Wednesdays 9pm-12am EST.

Crystal - Mateus - Mist - Ward 2 Plot 13


Please see reception to arrange for a session or if you have questions

  • Role-playing - 300k gil/hr (+60k/hr for each additional guest) - ask staff member to explore various types of make-believe fantasy role-play. Level, type, and extent are at the discretion of the staff member and patron. (ERP may be requested with staff bearing green tags, by adult players who are not playing as lalafel. All parties must be of legal age and fully consent. See rules. See front desk to inquire. Rate includes room, which is subject to availability.)

  • After Hours Role-playing - 400k gil/hr (+80k/hr for each additional guest) Same as above, outside of club hours.

  • Table Dances - 200k/hour (+80k/hour each additional guest) PG-13 convo and/or rp with one of our dancers with their attention focused on you.

  • Room rental - 300k gil/hr

  • Content - 300k gil/hr (+60k/hr for each additional guest) - hire a staff member to run dungeons, duties and other in-game activities. (Staff skill varies from member to member so don't be afraid to ask!)

  • After-hours Content - 400k/hr (+80k/hr for each additional guest) Same as above, outside of club hours.

  • DJs - Our DJs are occasionally available for special events or club nights. Ask a DJ or member of management for details.

Haven VIP

Elevate your club experience
250K gil/Month
Included: Access to VIP balcony at any time, unlimited refreshments, one complimentary table dance per month, exclusive room reservation pricing, access to exclusive VIP sections of our Discord.

VIP guest passes giving access to VIP areas and free refreshments, can be registered each night by a current member for 50K per guest for the night. Table dances are subject to dancer consent.

Know what the tags mean!

Green tags mean staff are open to erp
yellow tags mean staff are not open to erp

Reminders: We shouldn't have to be telling you this, but... RP and ERP are role-playing. It is pretend. It is make-believe. The Haven is a make-believe role-play venue, not an irl (in-real-life) dating platform! Don't request or exchange irl info during sessions. ERP with or about minors is absolutely forbidden. Guests caught being mean or breaking the rules will be asked to leave without a gil refund. Please refer to the rules or ask a member of management if you have questions.

Contact Us

Our venue is only part of the fun! Join us on our club and FC discord for info, conversation, content and more!


  • Staff are allowed to decline rp or erp at any time for any reason.

  • No harassment of any kind. If someone asks you to stop doing something, stop. This includes uninvited lewdness.

  • No controversial topics such as politics, religion, etc.

  • No bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other "ism" or phobia that hurts people.

  • Ask for permission before doing bard performances.

  • Stages are for staff members unless we announce guests may join the stage.

  • Yells are okay - within reason - you may be asked to stop if it gets to be too much.

  • Please ask for permission before promoting your own venue.

  • No lewd convo or ERP with or about minors.

  • Keep 18+ talk and ERP CONSENSUAL and in private channels, tells, party chat, or discord dms.

  • With the exception of asking someone to confirm they're over 18, do not exchange or request people's real-life/out-of-character private details.

  • RP (and ERP) IS PRETEND. Do not use club RP/ERP sessions to engage in real-life/out-of-character erotic communication (including text, cam, or voice chat). What you do outside is your business.

  • Depending on our crowd size you may be asked to dismiss your minion/pets.

  • Please put away weapons unless we say otherwise (like a glam contest) or you are one of our bouncers. We want to keep the general vibe peaceful.

  • No RMT (real-money-trading). This is a pretend role-play nightclub, we use pretend money (gil) and pretend in-game items, not things of real value. Do not offer our staff things of real value (mogstation codes, real gifts, etc).

  • Enjoy yourself. If anything is not to your liking, please reach out to management or the owner.

  • Rules are subject to change.

Would you like to join our team?

The Haven has positions open for Dancers, Bouncers and Reception
(These positions are role-play and pay in "gil" not real currency or anything of irl value.)